Letter to the Editor: Achievements of Paul Ryan

I felt it important to note some of the many achievements of Paul Ryan on behalf of the citizens of Wisconsin and the U.S.

First, his efforts to destroy the Affordable Care Act and cause millions to be without health insurance coverage is noteworthy and should be remembered.

Second, his embrace of the tax bill that will add 1.5 trillion dollars to the deficit and increase the wealth of the one percent is another important contribution.

Third, the result of the tax plan will require major cuts to Social Security and Medicare in order to implement the Trump agenda.

Fourth, it should be noted that Paul Ryan has traded his soul in order to support the agenda of President Trump.

These are just a few of his achievements. Please add to this list. We all have an opportunity to move to his district next summer in order to vote in his next election and help him continue his childlike adherence to the philosophy of Ayn Rand as a private citizen.


Tom Murray

Ephraim, Wis.

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