Letter to the Editor: What About America’s Dairyland?

Editor’s note:  In November, Rep. Scott Allen, R-Waukesha, proposed a bill that a state art education association conduct a design contest for high school students to come up with a new state slogan and license plate.

Wisconsin IS America’s Dairyland. We produce a lot of milk, butter and assorted dairy products. We produce more cheese, award-winning cheese, than any other state in the nation. We are proud of these facts, so much so that we begin sentences about them with the personal pronoun “we.”

Wisconsin is America’s Dairyland also by choice. Based on the feedback that my office has received on the license plate redesign proposal, it is clear that although there is a small percentage of people who would like to see that label removed from the plate, most would rather we keep it. Most Wisconsinites, regardless of industry or occupation, have strong affection for the title of America’s Dairyland.

In a state with so many strengths, the thought behind the bill was to initiate a more generic image which might apply to a broader segment of our population. What I’ve learned, however, is the specific label, America’s Dairyland, means that we take great pride in our work. It means quality is important to us. It means that, just like agriculture and the dairy industry, we embrace technology to improve outcomes. It means we respect what nature gives for our provision. It means we recognize our responsibility to contribute to our nation’s economy. It means that, in whatever we do, we seek to be the best. The tagline America’s Dairyland is about so much more than agriculture or the dairy industry. It is an illustration of our excellence and a source of pride for all of us.

What other state provides a specific, concrete example of its greatness on its license plate? I can’t think of any.


Rep. Scott Allen

Wisconsin 97th Assembly District

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