Letter to the Editor: Attack Mode

Tom from Luxemburg observed that the “NorDor anti-Trump hate-mongers have been extremely active on the Pulse’s opinion page lately.” My observation is that they’ve been in “attack mode” since Nov. 6 last year and are actually slowing a bit. The Oct. 6 Pulse had only four of the standard “Hate President Trump” letters from the usual writers.

Now, this could be that the writers are running low on venom or that their keys on the typewriter have jammed due to the anger with which they whack the machine. Or, it could be that their other favorite target is looming large on the horizon. Gov. Walker is close to announcing that he will be on the ballot in 2018 and the NorDor anti-Trump gang hate our Governor equally if not more.

This calls for strategy and preparation. It’s hard to throw garbage on the White House lawn so letters will have to suffice. But, in Wisconsin, as we all found out six years ago, the anti-Walker folks can drive to Madison and toss whatever they want into the Governor’s yard or deface and disrupt our Capitol to show their contempt. It’s unlikely the NorDor anti-crowd is fresh out of hate so it’s possible that the vitriol has to be spread thinner with two subjects to despise and defeat.


J.J. Gallagher

Ephraim, Wis.

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