Letter to the Editor: Avenson for Alderwoman

I am writing to share my support for Kelly Avenson, who is running for Sturgeon Bay’s City Council in the coming Spring election. District 4 has the opportunity to elect a local official who is assessable, sensible, professional, and ready for this position in every way. That Kelly has set her sights on and invested her energy in running for public office is no surprise to me. She was an integral part of me recognizing my own confidence and strength in a successful bid for a county board supervisor seat just two short years ago.

I am excited for the prospect of Kelly joining our city leadership for many reasons. The first, is that I’ve met few people as vigilant in researching all sides of an issue like Kelly does. She does her homework and invests in our community on a daily basis. Best yet, she also has the ability to speak on what she discovers while authentically listening and honoring the thoughts and ideas of others. She has made Sturgeon Bay her home with a fierce pride that is fueled by a virtuous desire to represent and protect all of the voices of whom she will represent. Kelly is a mother and business owner who I’ve had the pleasure of working with both personally and professionally. She is a fresh ideas gal and has the energy to get to the bottom of a challenge in order to help the whole rise up.   

I believe that a balanced and transparent government that serves every citizen of Sturgeon Bay, that honors every voice and every heart, is possible! Creating this will lift us out of the challenges we are currently facing, bridge the gap in leadership and generate stability in our local government. It’s time for a fresh new look at how our beloved Sturgeon Bay will grow into the future by honoring the shared wisdom of our community. I invite you to support Kelly Avenson and cast your vote for her on your own behalf and on behalf of generations to come. In doing so, you will be making an investment in the thriving health of this beautiful city we are blessed to call home.


Megan Lundahl, Door County Supervisor – District 11

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.

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