Letter to the Editor: Ban Assault Weapons

In response to the most recent tragedy in Parkland, Florida our Wisconsin legislators are preparing to vote on a school safety package.

My concerns regarding this vote are:

  1. 57,000 voters in Assembly District 42 are currently unrepresented.
  2. 173,000 constituents and I in Senate District 1 are unrepresented.
  3. The elements of a school safety package under consideration by the Assembly may make legislators feel like they are doing something, but it is sham. We don’t need new bureaucracy on this issue. We do not need a little money thrown at this issue in our financially strapped schools.
  4. There has been no time for the public to be heard on what is before the legislators.
  5. Most importantly the proposed Assembly package misses the point. It does not address the overriding issue of safety everywhere in our environment – churches, shopping malls, music and entertainment venues – not just schools! The issue is assault-style weapons and high-capacity magazines. Ban them!

We write, we call, we email. We do not feel our voices, our lives, the lives of our children are valued. Only NRA leadership rhetoric and money are heard.

Hear us! We continue to ask what has already been petitioned of Governor Walker and Speaker Paul Ryan:

  • mandatory universal background checks.
  • a ban on assault weapons.
  • a ban on bump stocks.
  • preventing domestic violence offenders from owning firearms.

We follow the leadership of our young people! We march! We vote! Never Again! Never Again!


Margaret O’Harrow

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.

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