Letter to the Editor: Better Design Needed

As I was reading the recent Pulse article about the three DNR concepts for a replacement tower at the park, what struck me were two things. First, all three concepts were ugly and way overbuilt for the spirit of the park. Second, the proposed costs were exorbitant when one considers the fiscal condition of both the state and its park system. Why not find a cost-effective solution that would preserve the fantastic view of Green Bay and the accessibility for those with physical disabilities?

My proposal would be quite cost effective entailing (a) removing the trees along the stone wall that obstruct the old tower site view of Green Bay, and (b) constructing a raised platform not more than 10 feet high and eight feet wide running along the wall with a ramp at each also along the wall to accommodate traffic.


Hank Whipple

Baileys Harbor, Wis.

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