Letter to the Editor: Birth of a Dictator

Many Americans do not know or don’t seem to care about U.S. history or world history, yet they can name the top sports stars, recording artists and film stars. If our people don’t know what happened in Nazi Germany and other dictatorships they will not know or care if that starts to happen here.

The idea that any media which reports Trump’s lies and misconduct or inaction are “fake news” is a sign that an authoritarian government might be forming. The early activities of dictators use the same methods.

The free press has always been a stalwart part of the American society and should be allowed to carry out its search of the facts. Trump attacks the concept of truth, that facts don’t matter. The administration gives us “alternate facts,” a form of alternative reality…alt-right.

Trump’s folks say he does not condone violence but watch many of his campaign speeches as he actually incites violence against anyone who spoke up against him. He shuns longtime allies of America and embraces dictators in Russia, Turkey, Indonesia and elsewhere.

It appears nobody in the GOP or in his own White House wants to or can control Trump’s actions or tweets. It is reported that when he is attacked he “punches back ten times harder.”

This is how an authoritarian dictator is born, by a complicit government around him!


Charlotte Lukes

Egg Harbor, Wis.

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