Letter to the Editor: Blood Money

What kind of infernal, paranormal Congress has captured this country and holds it hostage, allowing a conflicted, self-serving, pathological liar to lead us?

While students avoid school, marching in fear and protest – and their teachers are made into martyrs by weapons of war, time and again – the GOP House approved a bill in December easing legal restrictions that allow guns to be concealed and carried across state lines.  

The move, pushed by the National Rifle Association, comes just weeks after mass shootings in Las Vegas and Texas (which, already in 2018, followed more than a dozen school shootings, fusillades, and/or gunfire).

What must happen before something is finally done to qualify the blown-out-of-proportion, taken out of context, “right to bear arms” clause stated in the Second Amendment?

Smug Paul Ryan:  you and your greedy henchmen have bowed down, yet again, before the golden calf and put the welfare of this country’s most vulnerable citizens in the backseat of your own handbasket to hell.

Enjoy your ill-begotten blood money while your president plays golf, defies reality, and pursues his personal pleasures and profiteering.

Trump & Company are byproducts of the malfunctioning septic system that spawned them.

If we’re to survive and give today’s youngsters the chance to make a difference and have hope for their future, we must flush completely clean the swamp…sanitize and purify the pagan waters in which greedy politicians and their patrons indiscriminately breed…and absolutely ensure that decency, dignity, and the greater good – not guns! – are our common denominator.


Rev. Bruce H. Joffe

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.

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