Letter to the Editor: More Careful Consideration Needed

I am opposed to destroying the granary on the west side of Sturgeon Bay. To me that is a magnificent monument to not only Sturgeon Bay’s past but Door County’s past as well. If licensed engineers can demonstrate that the granary is structurally sound and can handle repurposing, then I am convinced the “new granary” would make an important contribution to downtown Sturgeon Bay. In the past it has been a pleasure for me to visit warehouses, mills, and even factories that have been repurposed to enhance the community and provide retail space for craft shops, art galleries, retail space, and even breweries.

Real estate and vested interests often seem to be the tail that wagged a dog named Sturgeon Bay. I am heartened that there are groups and individuals in the community who are doing their best to persuade the Mayor and City Council to more carefully consider the impact of their decisions and a more thoughtful regard for the future. It’s called vision and vision is what makes communities great.

If the granary is proven to be structurally sound and would lend itself to repurposing, I hope the Mayor and City Council will decide to play a positive role in preserving this icon for future generations.


Paul Burton

Ephraim, Wis.

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