Letter to the Editor: Clarification of Campground in Jacksonport

It has been brought to my attention that there are some exaggerations and misconceptions within the appeals of the proposed Lauritzen campground in the town of Jacksonport. As I read the appeal letters, it is obvious some people have been misinformed and do not truly understand the project.

The Lauritzen campground will be a family campground, not an RV park. It will include tent camping, trees and green space.

As for the noise and odor that Gay Pustaver speaks of:  car horns, music, dogs barking, odor, not all campgrounds create such issues. My husband and I have camped for 40 years in family campgrounds. With our experience of camping all over the United States, anytime an issue might arise, good management has resolved the problem without incident.  

Another misconception was brought forth regarding the use of generators. The campground will have electric hookups, no generators will be allowed. Other noises can be regulated by a quiet time. There are realistic expectations that a campground housing families who are having fun, may generate some noise, but responsible management should alleviate problems or concerns. As for odor, the campground is on a hill, so campfire smoke should not be an issue.

My niece, Cheri Lauritzen, told me about their plan of having a campground on the property she inherited from my parents. The first thing she said was that when the campers register, they would be given a brochure of all the Jacksonport businesses to support. The Lauritzens’ intention is to enhance Jacksonport with a family campground. A place where families unite and make lifelong memories, playing family games and telling stories around a campfire.  These are memories that are priceless.

When families go camping, they require food, forgotten items, and entertainment. Local businesses will benefit by providing food and other items, whether it’s going down to the local grocer to buy their famous brats or steaks, or going out for dinner on a rainy night, campers typically spend money outside of the actual campground. The convenience store that may be located within a campground is intended for just that, convenience items, i.e., Hershey bars, marshmallows, t-shirts, mugs, sweatshirts, etc.

I believe Jacksonport is an ideal setting for a campground. It fits in with the “Quiet Side” motto.

I grew up on a dairy farm in the Township of Jacksonport. As a high school student, I worked at Bley’s Grocery. I have deep roots in Jacksonport. My father was on the Jacksonport town board for a number of years. Similarly, my grandfather served on the county board. I think they both would be in approval of this campground.  

As a small business owner in Eagle River, I can attest to the fact that campgrounds are a valuable asset to the surrounding communities in northern Wisconsin.

I hope this letter clarifies some of the misinformation that has recently been discussed.  Please take this letter as my strong support of the proposed campground.


Christine Bieri Hare

Eagle River, Wis.

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