Letter to the Editor: Common Sense?

Rarely have I been so subtly and yet blatantly astonished by a “common sense” column. The Feb. 2-9 authored by the Egg Harbor administrator scored a goal!

I note that the author lists his previous residences were Michigan and Florida. He also expressed in an article in the Peninsula Pulse, that he would work to “understand the culture and history of Egg Harbor.” Very laudable but he might have included studying the history of “walking quorums” in Wisconsin, among other matters affecting local government.

The beauty of local government is that no one needs to go to a meeting to make their opinion known. There are many ways to be on the record and public comment is only one of them.

We are very fortunate to live in a place where our elected representatives are very close to us. We need to take advantage of that proximity. If we don’t, all we have to do is look to Sturgeon Bay to see the result. I fear that Egg Harbor government,  and sometimes our other town governments, replicate the attitudes of said city.

Electeds volunteer to work for us. We need to help them understand what our expectations are on the issues that we all confront.

Running “efficient” meetings is much less important than running meetings where the “voice of the people” is taken into serious and respectful consideration.


Mike Serpe

West Jacksonport, Wis.

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