Letter to the Editor: Compensation for Pain and Suffering

Any regular reader of the Peninsula Pulse’s Letters has to be aware of the tremendous pain and suffering that the election of Donald Trump has caused. This pain will continue and will be  irreversible, at last for the next three years. Hopefully those so harmed will take comfort in knowing that whether they like it or not, they have in all likelihood taken part in the wealth that has been generated since the election. For the vast majority of us, who have money in a pension, IRA, 401(K), individual stocks and mutual funds, please take note of your soon to be arriving end of the year investment summaries. Compare your Jan. 1, 2017, account balance to your Dec. 31, 2017, balance and consider the difference to be compensation for all your pain and suffering. Of course, “money isn’t everything,” but, it can relieve some of this pain and suffering.


Jeff Schimmer
Sister Bay, Wis. and Mendota, Ill.

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