Letter to the Editor: Dazzler of a Rant

It took me five minutes to read a letter to the editor in the Jan. 20 Pulse from a Fish Creek fellow who groaned over some 20 complaints he has with the world around him. It took 10 minutes more to look up all the word definitions in his rant and about a half-hour trying to understand how he can possibly survive with the entire planet collapsing as he described it. And, he didn’t mention President Trump at all!

Imagine, the Wisconsin Legislature majority is an intellectual vacuum. There is no increase in wages, manure dumping will kill us all, church and state are not separate, one of our legislators is suppressing social and economic justice, corporations will steal your water, the DNR might be dismantled and the GOP is up to no good. If that isn’t a dazzler of a start on his list, he’ll probably tell us in another letter how “public servants weren’t birthed into their careers. Their freely chosen uniforms are not inescapable inherited genetic markers.”

His opening three words are “crumbling district roads” and the last three of the babel are “don’t expect better.”

J.J. Gallagher

Ephraim, Wis.