Letter to the Editor: Dreamers Are Worth Our Support

President Trump’s order to cancel DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) is a moral mistake. To punish children, who were minors when their parents came to this country, is wrong. These 800,000 children grew up as Americans (this country and culture is all they know) and believed the federal government which promised they would not be deported when they signed up for DACA. It is morally wrong to now threaten these children and use their trust in the federal government against them by threatening to deport. This kind of betrayal is not what American values is all about and should be condemned.

The response from American religious groups against President Trump’s action has been immediate and strongly negative. Consider this statement from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops:  “The cancellation of the DACA program is reprehensible.” This “reprehensible” theme has been echoed by Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, Christian Evangelicals, and even Atheist groups. These groups call upon Congress to pass legislation helping these young Americans.

There are already bills in both houses of Congress to save these DREAMERS, as they have been called. In the Senate, S. 1615 (Dream Act of 2017) has bipartisan support, being sponsored by Republican Senator Lindsey Graham and Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer. In the House of Representatives, HR 3591 (American Hope Act) also saves the dreamers. These bills deserve support. HR 3591 has only Democratic supporters and Lindsey Graham and John McCain in the Senate have been severely criticized by their Republican colleagues (as well as being castigated by President Trump) for challenging party-line decisions. In 2013 when “the gang of 8” senators passed a bipartisan comprehensive immigration bill, the Republican-dominated House of Representatives refused to even vote on the Senate bill, effectively killing immigration reform.

Congress has been the problem on this issue, but the sentiment in the country may now be strong enough for united action to save the dreamers.

If you agree, call Representative Mike Gallagher (202.225.5665) and Senators Ron Johnson (202.224.5323) and Tammy Baldwin (202.224.5653) to right this reprehensible Presidential act, by supporting passage of HR 3591 and S. 1615. These young people are worth our support.


Patrick Cerra

Egg Harbor, Wis.

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