Letter to the Editor: Enablers & Hypocrites

Our conservative federal government is made up of many hypocrites and enablers. We have seen a number of FOX network executives and newsmen either resign or were fired and now a famous successful movie producer loses a high position in business all because of sexual harassment issues. Recently a Republican Congressman, who fought against abortion, had to resign when it was learned that his mistress was told by him to have an abortion so their love child would not come into this world.

It is also a sad situation that a number of Trump-appointed cabinet secretaries have used military or private airplanes to travel at great taxpayer expense when much cheaper commercial airplanes would have served their purpose. One has resigned already but the others seem not to care about running up hundreds of thousands of dollars of luxury travel paid by all the rest of us.

Why is it that our own president, who has admitted and even bragged about sexual harassment, not been taken to task about that? We have Republicans in Congress who turn the other way and don’t see the double standard that has been set.

Paul Ryan has been crying for years about getting the federal debt under control but I have not heard him complain about the excessive use of luxury or military planes for our cabinet secretaries.

It appears that many Americans don’t care about this double standard either when they continue to support this crooked government in Washington.


Charlotte Lukes

Egg Harbor, Wis.

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