Letter to the Editor: Every Voice Matters

Laurel Brooks wears a genuine smile, warmly engages people in two-way communication, believes wholeheartedly that everyone’s voice truly does matter, all should be respected and treated equally, and fairness in government is possible. She is thoughtfully prepared to lead our city as its new Mayor.

Having had the privilege of canvassing with her, attending her events and forum, and spending time with her as a friend, I see an enthusiastic candidate who is ready, willing, and very able to serve all the people of Sturgeon Bay.

Her honesty, integrity and hard-work ethic will transform city hall and its leadership to higher accountability through transparency in open government, inviting and encouraging all people to feel welcome within its walls and at the offices of those whom we have elected as our representatives, as well as those appointed by the Mayor.

Laurel Brooks will do her best to see that this city government is finally, as it should be, of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Please join with me in electing Laurel Brooks as our new Mayor, April 5! The time is now for change we can all believe in!

Every voice matters! Every vote counts! Laurel Brooks for Mayor!


Bethany A. Kirwen

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.

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