Letter to the Editor: Faustian Bargains

Dear Representative Kitchens,

Our neighboring county just to the south of us have had to suffer the ever expanding development of CAFOs in their county and are forced to watch as their water quality continues to decline to the point of being toxic to use. It is not just the wells of Kewaunee’s private citizens but streams and rivers as well.

While you have expressed a desire to solving this problem; it is clear that you are an advocate for this business model that can only exacerbate the problem. The question I have, therefore, is when is a situation bad enough for the GOP to modify its platform from business growth at all costs to a party that states:  Clean water and Air first… business development second?

When has our citizens’ health and environment become a bargaining tool?

I strongly believe that Governor Walker and the Republican party in this state and on the national level have made some Faustian bargains that when it comes time to pay will write an infamous epitaph to the GOP.

Now is the time for courage in the face of the CAFO Juggernaut. I ask you to please stand up for your citizenry not just those who are in a position to make money by using and abusing our environment.


John Wilson

Baileys Harbor, Wis.

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