Letter to the Editor: Feingold’s Out-of-State Support

Why would anyone want to cough up money to support a lifelong political hack who won’t go away? Why would anyone want to contribute to the campaign of a Wisconsin candidate who is running for the fifth time to be our senator and seems to have unlimited cash?

More to the point, why would someone who doesn’t live in Wisconsin want to contribute to a man who supposedly will represent Wisconsin? The only man who can answer those questions is Russell Feingold who runs for office 24 hours a day year in, year out and seems to have unlimited support from out-of-state donors.

How much support you might ask! Forty percent, 50 percent…try 70 percent. Fact Checker tells us that Mr. Feingold has received 70 percent of his enormous political contributions from outside of Wisconsin.

You wondered why Feingold was a huge factor in Obamacare, why he alone voted against the Patriot Act, why he voted nine times to support partial birth abortions. Wisconsin people only gave him 30 percent. He has always gone where the money came from and 70 percent said “forget the folks in Wisconsin, Russell Feingold, here’s how we want you to vote!”


JJ Gallagher

Ephraim, Wis.

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