Letter to the Editor: Forgive Our Embarrassing Past

I have been disappointed in many letters to the editor of the Peninsula Pulse. It seems the writers are being influenced by all the “Group Think” and “fake news” that is promulgated by the media. They possess a hateful attitude to our president who was elected by the people. It is past time to lend him our support as we did to President Obama although many of us strongly disagreed with his policies.

As to the racial unrest in our country:  It seems racist is the new “N” word directed by the political left against anyone they disagree with – mainly conservatives and libertarians. It’s interesting that an acquaintance of mine quoted her black friend, “Being black gives me license to be more racist than anyone else.” Black Lives Matter has been a source of worsening racial tensions.

Concerning the Charlottesville riot:  I, along with most of us, condemn the KKK, White Supremacists, and neo-Nazis. However, the Antifa movement itself is fascist and also bears guilt for the riot. “Free speech” should be silenced once it morphs into violence. I believe the state and local officials were at fault for not preventing and stopping the violence in Charlottesville.

It is extremely dangerous to our country for mobs to be endeavoring to erase our history. We regret that slavery was practiced by our founding fathers, but society in general had not been enlightened about that evil until later. If we try to erase the past, we will not learn from it and we will be bound to repeat it. We need to forgive our embarrassing past. Forgiveness is letting go of the demand to repair our past. Sin cannot be repaired. It’s vengeance if you try.


Marjorie D. Bass, M.D.

Washington Island, Wis.

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