Letter to the Editor: Gallagher Campaigning Already?

While I am aware that the main goal of most members of Congress is to be reelected, I was still surprised by recent mailings from Michael Gallagher. You know how they look:  oversized glossy colorful cards with photos of the “candidate” in community settings. These recent cards inform me that if I need help with Medicare or Social Security, his staff can help. But, I ask myself, why would I trust the office of someone who has repeatedly voted to take away health care from millions, to cut Medicare and Medicaid funding, who has marched mostly in lock step with his party leaders who want to dismantle Medicare and Social Security as we know it all the while voting to give tax cuts to wealthy? Our taxes pay for his glossy literature but I believe we would be better served getting information from a non-political source such as the Aging and Disability Resource Center of Door County at 920.746.2372.


Gloria Dougherty

Ellison Bay, Wis.

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