Letter to the Editor: Gather, Spread Truth

Regarding the brief report on Ron Johnson’s comments as published in the Nov. 3rd “Your Rep in the News.” I sent the following letter to Ron Johnson via his website. Perhaps other readers will do the same:

Hello Ron, I read with interest your comments of October 27th regarding the Mueller investigation. As reported in the Peninsula Pulse, you felt that Mueller should step down and let the Congressional committees do their work. Your basis for this is that Mueller was FBI director when a uranium deal occurred, and that the Clinton email fiasco was not investigated to your satisfaction. Ron, I was really surprised at this. I thought we elected a guy who was interested in the truth, no matter which political party it hurts. I think your voters are. You’re the chair of the Homeland Security committee. I find it difficult to imagine that you don’t know the uranium story is false, but in the event you and your staff have never considered using,, or any balanced media, please use it to fact check in the future. Your constituents do. I can understand a low or no information voter, but I can’t abide one to represent me in the US Senate. You’ve got to gather truth and promulgate truth. That’s the job, no matter how inconvenient that is. I’d welcome your response. Better yet, correcting your comments to the press to reflect actual fact would be a great idea. Otherwise, aren’t you a liar? Asking Mueller to step down just when he’s on to something? Really? Come on, Ron. Fight for us out here!


Grace Rossman

Baileys Harbor, Wis.

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