Letter to the Editor: Great Service from Herlache Small Engine

All too often letters to the editor reflect criticism or negative opinions. I would like to give credit to a local business which cheerfully provides excellent service. A while back we had a significant snowstorm and at the same time I experienced a problem with my snowblower. My drive is long and we had to get out.

As I have done in the past, I contacted Bill at Herlache Small Engine and described my plight. He said he would see what he could do and an hour later he showed up in the end of my drive with a truck and a replacement blower. He unloaded his blower and loaded mine to take it back to the shop for repair. As he was doing the loading another man from his shop began clearing the drive and left the substitute machine for me to finish the job. He said he would do his best to get me back in business with my machine.

Two days later I hadn’t heard from him and when I called to check, I found he had returned my machine, replaced it in my garage and reclaimed his. I think this was extraordinary service but even more remarkably this is not the first time he has come to my aid. On one occasion he stopped by my place on his way home to check a problem and was able to make a fix on the spot.

In a smaller town you come to expect good professional service but even when measured against this standard, Bill and Herlache Small Engine stand out. I would like to think I will not be needing Bill’s help for a while but I suspect this will not be the case and if so I have no doubt I will receive the high level of service I have come to expect from Herlache Small Engine. Thanks, Bill.


George Roenning

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.

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