Letter to the Editor: Hauser is Over the Top

Laurel Hauser and I were acquaintances before 2006, but that year, we learned about each other first-hand in a very public context: the Sturgeon Bay Plan Commission. At that time, Walmart was seeking to expand and there were many divergent views regarding the direction and form that expansion should take. Sitting with Laurel on the commission, it was clear to me that she understood the economic necessity of expansion, as well as the importance of guiding that expansion in such a way that it remained beneficial to the developer and to the city far into the future. To accomplish this goal, it was important that all views be heard and weighed in the balance. Laurel was always prepared to take the time to examine the details.

The city responded to a state mandate to devise a comprehensive plan that was intended to guide development in Sturgeon Bay, providing a well-considered framework on which to base decisions so that future development would truly be a result of planning. The plan was the result of months of public meetings, primarily held in the evenings to ensure that the majority of residents would be able to attend and collaborate on this important document. Throughout our time on the Plan Commission, Laurel referred routinely to that plan for guidance. When an override to the plan was proposed, she urged the commission to examine the relevant sections together so that we all understood the reasons and consequences, positive and negative, for deviating from this living document.

The Peninsula Pulse recently provided this list of Laurel’s work credentials, which I will copy here for convenience: “Hauser, editor of the Washington Island Observer, and, as a matter of full disclosure, a sometimes contributor to the Peninsula Pulse and Door County Living, had the most thoughtful and meaningful answers to questions. Her experience also includes serving as general manager of The White Gull Inn, 15 years with the Door County Land Trust, co-chair of the group that raised half a million dollars for the Sturgeon Bay skate park, and former member of the Sturgeon Bay Plan Commission.” 

This list is evidence of the trust Laurel enjoys from so many sectors of our community: private enterprise, public service and charitable advocacy. She has done all this while being unwavering in her commitments as a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend and community treasure. Does this sound over the top? I hope so, because I believe that’s what she is. I am proud to share my name with her.

Laurel Hauser will serve as District 7 Councilwoman with distinction, which is the only way she ever serves. Her door will be open to every resident of the community, regardless of which district you live in. Please vote for Laurel Hauser for City Council on April 4…and sleep well.

Thank you.

Laurel Brooks

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.

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