Letter to the Editor: Hayes Represents Change

The majestic doorbell rings and I am greeted by Celie, the cutest puggle with an overbite. David is dressed in as many layers possible without looking totally ridiculous and together we hit the trail or what is more commonly known as door knocking. Many of the homes we go to the people are not home, but if there is a person on the street or waiting in their car, David approaches.

I smile watching their faces light up while he talks to them about change and the vision he will bring to Sturgeon Bay. I watch the older gentleman at the door exchange armed forces stories of serving and where. I hear us talk to the big dog standing on the furniture barking at the strangers on his porch and I watch how the little lady or man, who is confined to home, listen intently as David explains what brought him to this town in Door County. I smile when I see their faces break into grins and eyes crinkle as stories of hanging out at the Reynolds house are shared. The stories pile up and always end with David encouraging them to come on over for a visit. It is cold standing on the porch but David never tries to cut the reminiscing short or rush off to the next door but takes the time to answer the questions and explain why and how he can bring change to the city’s government. A little further down the neighborhood we run into a young girl waiting in her car. She answers David’s question about concerns for the city by explaining how people her age are looking for relief in housing and child care. He listens quietly, and nods when she complains about how hard it is to make rent and pay for her baby’s care. He continues nodding and I watch how his eyes and face change when she reveals that her husband is talking about leaving the city because he is tired of only seeing her when they exchange the baby. She is sad because she knows he loves his job but they can’t keep putting their money into a house they don’t own. It is here where David talks to her about multi-generational housing and how Sturgeon Bay would be the perfect place for this. A place where the older adults watch the children in exchange for tasks they can no longer mange. A new vision, a perfect marriage for a city begging for relief, crying for community help.

At the end of the day we have learned much. Our feet and fingers are cold but we agree it has been a good day and acknowledge the fact that everyone we talked to wants change for Sturgeon Bay. This is why I continue to walk with David, and encourage the people of District 2 to vote for David Hayes for Alderman, April 3.


Carol Jensen-Olson

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.

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