Letter to the Editor: Here’s to a Happy New Year


We may still be dealing with an election that must surely be the longest running in the history of this United States, and the weatherman is predicting a colder than usual winter with an extra measure of snow, but here’s some good news that should add some additional sparkle to our Holiday Season.

The University of Tennessee College of Medicine recently became the final medical school to ban the use of animals to study surgery procedures – huge news and the culmination of a long and hard-fought battle to bring every state in the union into the fold.

The consumption of dairy is down nationwide. What makes this good news? A blow to the evergrowing horror of dairy factory farms.

Finally, Wisconsin has joined most of the rest of the country in changing the unfair law that automatically labels all dogs seized from convicted dog fighters as vicious. Now these dogs will get the second chance they so deserve to live a happy life filled with love and family. The states that have not yet seen the light on this issue are Colorado, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, North and South Carolina, North Dakota and Oklahoma. If you have family or friends residing in these states, please urge them to contact their state, county or city lawmakers regarding this very outdated law. The rehabilitation rate for these dogs is very high, and they go on to make wonderful pets.

A big high-five all around. A happy New Year has already commenced.


Sharon Thill

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.


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