Letter to the Editor: Here’s Hoping for a Flood of Young Voters

It’s time to get out and vote. The Constitution of the United State of American gives each and every citizen the right to cast their vote in all elections. All should vote in every election no matter who is running and for what office or for what issue. Right now our young citizens are exercising their right to assemble and protest due to the latest mass shooting in Florida. I believe they are starting to get awareness of the issue but as we have seen before just to go and protest is not enough. The news media will let it go away and all will be quiet until the next massacre.

There is a push to register young voters but it takes more than registering to vote; it takes action. Go to your local polls and vote. On Tuesday, April 3, we have an election taking place. I know it is just minor and mostly local in nature however if there is ever a good time for our national politician’s to stand up and take notice it would be after this election.  

Just imagine if on April 3rd there was a large increase in votes being cast, the political parties would look into why there are more votes, an exit poll would show that the increase is because the 18-, 19- and 20-year-old young men and women are taking their right to be heard to the voting machine. Would the national politicians take notice? Would they start believing that their job is in jeopardy at the next election because our young people are now going to take action?

People are serious about change, people want to feel safe wherever they assemble, at school, at church, for a concert, for a town meeting, wherever. I would love to see a drove of young citizens lining up at the voting places to cast their first ballot.  Make it a habit to vote each and every time so that those running for office understand they can no longer just give lip service to an issue, they need to take responsible action.

W. Wm. Becker

Baileys Harbor, Wis

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