Letter to the Editor: Under the Influence of Walker?

I read Mr. [Mike] Gallagher’s statement in declaring his candidacy for Reid Ribble’s seat in Congress. He spoke of a “broken tax code” but did not say for whom. Most wealthy Republican donors want to pay lower taxes, so I guess he was speaking for them.

He mentioned “out-of-control regulations [that] strangle the middle class.” That echoes what the Koch Brothers and other big GOP donors complain about. They want to get rid of the EPA so that their corporations can pollute our air and water without being forced not to.

He also stated that the “federal government increasingly meddles in our daily lives and threatens the constitutional liberties.” He worked for Gov. Walker, who meddled in many lives by destroying unions, cutting funding to public education, cutting funding for Medicare to our state’s poorest citizens, cutting funding for clean water, cutting funding to our state parks and changing many state laws that had ensured our constitutional freedoms and making them friendlier to big out-of-state corporations.

He talked of bankrupting the country, but does not see that the Wisconsin economy is so much worse under Walker than before. We have the highest poverty rate in 30 years!

Mr. Gallagher served as the foreign policy director for Gov. Scott Walker, so perhaps he does not care what has happened here at home under Walker’s administration.


Charlotte Lukes

Egg Harbor, Wis.

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