Letter to the Editor: The King of Rhetoric

For the last six months the American people have been subjected to one media spectacle after another by our President. He has managed to not release his taxes or relinquish his business ties. He surrounds himself with family members in government when he stated they were going to run the Trump businesses. No one is immune from his threats. He harasses his own choices in government if they don’t agree with him. He speaks highly of Putin and denies Russian ties and makes fun of other world leaders, while we are subject to a continued flow of Twitter attacks. I have to say, the embarrassing speech/rant he made at the Boy Scout Jamboree is one of the most inappropriate, bombastic and rhetoric filled to date. As I have read, listened and watched the happenings of the last six months, I have to conclude that an innocent, respectful, intelligent person does not act like this.


Carol Schmidt

Baileys Harbor, Wis.

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