Letter to the Editor: Leave Landscape Alone

For over 36 years my wife and I found Door County beyond words to express our love and appreciation of this special place to the point we became part-time residents 18 years ago on Beechwood Road. In recent years we spend a three-season journey of enjoyment of five months every year, that enables us to give back to the community our heart and soul in supporting various not-for-profit organizations. Even with only five months living time we have grown to respect the immense efforts of many people in the arts, recreation, and local governments to sustain the historical image and culture. But for every good story there remains an unfortunate dark side regarding recent drastic physical changes (by your highway crew) to Beechwood Road – unbelievable!

First I strongly suggest that you see for yourself and compare the results to recent road work at Beach Road, Garret Bay Road, and Isle View Road, and please explain why Beechwood Road was so horribly burdened with machinery to enlarge the distance from the road edge and with tree removal. Your road crew said, “To make room for asphalt equipment to resurface the gravel road.”  I do wish to thank you for a new road with blacktop, but why the effort and expense to literally tear up the landscape? Where is the goodness to maintain grace and beauty as done with the other three roads mentioned above? Your road department obviously has different standards for different roads; in fact I have observed variable standards within our roadway. I call this “willy nilly” workmanship with some trees remained five feet away from the roadway, and some removed at the same distance – additionally brush and small trees were power gouged out 15-feet away. Absolutely a disgrace of crew management, or was there actually any internal management involved?

As some history, Beechwood Road was an old dirt road and rebuilt into a wider gravel road 14 years ago. Through much ado among the board and homeowners there were no agreements about magnitude of reconstruction; thus, the landscape came crushing down as if a tornado came through. So today that history book is reopened (with no prior warning of tree removal) when Liberty Grove provided a repeat of land destruction.

I am aware that what is done is done, and the landscape is now what it is. But this is pitiful when considering what it could have been. In closing be aware there are significant people and organizations in Door County who work hard for graceful continuation of maintenance and preservation of its natural beauty and resources. What if Liberty Grove joins this same attitude?


Roger J. Benedict

Sister Bay, Wis.

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