Letter to the Editor: Let’s Rebuild Faith in America

At 91, I have never been so disgusted with our representatives in Washington D.C. and Madison as I am now! Those brave and eloquent young students in Florida who are begging for some sign the adults in their government and country are willing to get behind them and do something positive and definitive following their tragedy, are being met with disregard and bland statements about prayer (what hypocrisy)!

I was happy to read the commentary “A Former Teacher’s Opinion on School Shootings” in the March 9-16 Pulse. Thank you to Mr. Lang who wrote it. It is the best statement I have read about the matter from a gun owner and avid hunter. I hope that other NRA members who are hunters and sportsmen will read it and agree that all guns are not “equal.” It is important that the public and politicians hear this. It is equally important that politicians reject campaign contributions from vested groups like the gun industry and NRA that control their votes on matters like this which are essential for the lives of our children and to build their faith in America.  


Barbara Larsen

Sister Bay, Wis.

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