Letter to the Editor: What Does “Live United” Really Mean?

For the longest time I did not really give the United Way much thought because I did not really understand what they did. They did not have a building to visit or any real tangible thing to touch. But I kept hearing about the impact being made in our community by this organization so I decided to learn more. Two years ago I chose to join the board of the Door County United Way and, wow, what an eye-opening journey it has been.

“Live United” means so many things to me now. Especially in today’s political climate with such unfortunate divisiveness and misunderstanding, we need to be united more now than ever. If we all live united, we are a stronger community. If we all live united, we all benefit and feel better about ourselves and our fellow man.

Here in Door County, we have such beauty in our shoreline, our limestone cliffs, our lighthouses, our sprawling farmland and forests, and our quaint towns. We all love our picturesque community away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. And yet here, it is easy to overlook the tremendous needs for those who quietly suffer from food insecurity, financial shortfall, lack of transportation and affordable housing, underemployment, or the daily struggles of a single parent balancing all of these things.

So when we say “Live United” we all need to step up and help our fellow citizens who need some assistance. It can be financial help, volunteering, donating items, or donating skills. There are so many ways to live united and it is the best feeling in the world to give of your time or your resources to help others! How are you going to “Live United”?


Lori Vorpahl, Board Member, United Way of Door County

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.

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