Letter to the Editor: All Lives Matter

Let me preface this article by saying that I am a firm believer in protecting human life from conception to natural death. During one of his political speeches Trump vividly describes an abortion procedure. For many voters the single deciding issue in their voting for a person who was called unqualified by his own party members is his and other evangelicals apparent stance on abortion.

The GOP arguments for the protection of early human life fall apart when you consider their actions concerning later life. From the GOP come most of the climate change deniers who would for temporal economic reasons scrap progress on an issue that is and will have devastating effects on worldwide human existence. The resistance for sensible firearms regulation which would reduce the violence that plagues this country with terrible effects on human life comes from the GOP. They are the party of war hawks anxious to solve international problems by shooting before negotiating as with the Iran nuclear accord. They would repeal without a replacement Obamacare, which, while not perfect, is helping to save lives.

The records show that policies of GOP administrations have created a sub-middle class where many families struggle at low paying jobs just to survive. From this group will come many expectant mothers who because of difficult economic circumstances will seek abortions as their only recourse. The GOP has made political hay using the sensitive abortion issue but has not paid much attention to the fact that all lives matter.


George Krall

La Crosse, Wis.

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