Letter to the Editor: Lost Trust in Gallagher

If I could speak face to face with our Wisconsin District 8 Representative to the U.S. Congress, Mike Gallagher, I would ask him to explain his vote in favor of the health care “robbery” bill recently passed by the House of Representatives.

When the first, failed bill was withdrawn before a vote, I and many others believed that Mr. Gallagher was poised to vote against it, due to its lack of a meaningful alternative. We were impressed with his common sense objections to aspects of the bill and his apparent concern for better health care availability.

But now he has voted for a bill that is even more draconian in reducing or eliminating health care for millions.

Congressman Gallagher had a perfect chance to show his constituents that he does not blindly follow the dictates of the President, nor march in lockstep with party leaders who put the wishes of the Administration ahead of the good of the Country.

Now? He has lost our trust.


Karen Wilson

Juddville, Wis.

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