Letter to the Editor: A Modern Sad Tale

Every morning brings more news about the assault of the common man and rewards for corporations and the wealthy; the taking away of our health care, the giving away of our environment and even being able to kill sleeping animals’ are just a few assaults. The President and Secretary of State meeting with Russian officials behind closed doors with only the Russian press present. I suppose they must be making “deals.” At times the President changing stories mid-stream and Congress can’t even decide on the time of day. No wonder there is dissension among the ranks.

The members of Congress are more worried about how to get re-elected and how to please their big donors instead of us, the people they should be looking out for. One wonders if they will ever grow backbones and stand up and say “enough;” let’s get to the bottom of all this trauma and Russian ties.

If the next four years is anything like the previous four months, I wonder how many of us will last before we go running into the night screaming, “it’s the greed and the lies destroying us.”


Carol Schmidt

Baileys Harbor, Wis.

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