Letter to the Editor: Must Be Election Season

This must be election season because Russell Feingold is running for office again, something he’s been doing continuously since the discovery of natural gas. We know this because Mr. Feingold has a new bumper sticker. It has the large letters RUSS and a small silhouette of Wisconsin.

Apparently Feingold has decided that everybody knows how famous he is and no further details are required. There may be some who don’t know what RUSS and the picture of Wisconsin mean, so here’s an explanation. The large letters mean Russ comes first and Wisconsin comes in second. Feingold collected more than three million bucks in compensation for the 18 years he roosted in the U.S. Senate. Wisconsin received nothing. He would like you to vote him in for six more years of the same!


J.J. Gallagher

Ephraim, Wis.

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