Letter to the Editor: New Blood Needed in Gibraltar

Change is in the air, once again, for the Gibraltar Town Board. In 2015, encouraged by a group of residents who were tired of the “my way or the highway” approach of some of our former town leaders, Dick Skare challenged the incumbent town chairman and won with approximately 66 percent of the vote. Then, in 2016, first-time candidate Barb McKesson ran against two incumbent town supervisors and was elected with more votes than the next two candidates combined. Inspired by Barb’s example that “new blood” CAN get elected, we now have two additional first-time candidates (Dwayne Daubner and Bobby MacDonald) who have decided to run for the open town board positions that will be decided on April 4th. I think this is a good and healthy development for our town. The occasional injection of fresh ideas and new energy benefits any leadership group.

There is no denying that the current Gibraltar Town Board deserves credit for getting the town’s financial house in order. However, at this point in our town’s history, our leaders need to not only demonstrate fiscal responsibility but also the vision to shape the major projects that are already in the pipeline or are being considered. These projects (Hwy. 42 resurfacing, waterfront development, town beach expansion, infrastructure and internet access improvements, etc.) will impact our town’s appearance and economic viability for generations to come. Considering the importance of all the decisions that still need to be made, our elected officials must also possess an open and collaborative leadership style – they must view their constituents’ opinions and ideas as assets to be valued rather than irritations to be tolerated. That is why I will be voting for the re-election of Dick Skare as Gibraltar Town Chairman and Dwayne Daubner for town supervisor. I will also be writing in the name of Bobby MacDonald on my ballot for the second town supervisor position. Each of these three candidates has a passion for helping our community strengthen its economy while preserving the natural beauty and small town charm that has been so appealing to residents and visitors alike. They also possess a great appreciation for the talent and experience of ALL individuals who reside in our town and will seek ways of expanding their involvement in the important decisions that impact us all. Please join me in supporting these candidates and continuing the positive changes to our town board.


Tom Thurman

Fish Creek, Wis.

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