Letter to the Editor: Nightmares for Dreamers

On the campaign trail, candidate Donald Trump told the Dreamers not to worry. He said he loves the Dreamers. Then as president, he announces an end to the DACA program and passes the buck to Congress to solve the problems that this will create. Despite both houses being controlled by Republicans, our broken Congress finds it difficult to assemble a majority to resolve almost any problem.

The president says we shouldn’t worry, since he will act if Congress doesn’t. Despite this attempted reassurance, the Justice Department tells the Dreamers to pack and prepare to leave – all 800,000 of them. No concern is expressed on how this will affect their personal lives, their families that include children born in this country who are citizens, or the important jobs that many of the Dreamers now perform. Many Dreamers are working adults who have complied with the government’s requirements under the DACA program and trusted that our government would allow them to continue living in the only country many of them have known.

The president’s announcement will drive Dreamers into the shadows where they will struggle to survive on the margins with minds filled with worries. Their lives have been upended by the madness of confusing, contradictory, and capricious statements by the president, the attorney general, and legislators in Congress. Although the president still says he loves the Dreamers, it would be nice if this was reflected in his actions or the actions of his Cabinet members and Congress.


Larry J. Eriksson

Ellison Bay, Wis.

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