Letter to the Editor: Do Not Reward Petulance

The Sevastopol School opposition group invoked the name of Sen. Robert La Follette Sr. to justify their school board recall efforts. However the group muddled La Follette’s purpose for a recall election. La Follette advocated for recall elections to reduce governmental corruption resulting from corporate and/or special interest money in statewide politics, not for local personnel decisions.

Interestingly, the opposition group is exerting the type of influence as a special interest group that La Follette was fighting against. They are not trying to combat any sort of public office corruption. Rather, they are explicitly influencing elected officers to vote “their” way through coercive means. The threat that the group has stated at board meetings has essentially been, since you have not listened to us (voted our way), we will recall you.

This is the second attempt at a recall election by this opposition group; each one targeting different board members. The consecutive recall attempts emphasizes that the group is not focused on correcting a dishonorable act in public office but are reacting to a decision made about the non-extension of an administrative contract.

It is curious that the two challengers would want to begin their service with the stigma of being elected in a manner that even La Follette would question. If elected, there will be a lasting perception as having a bias for this special interest group rather than the district as a whole.

The opposition group already views the board in terms of “our” vs. “your” board members. This type of board membership division aimed at favoring special interest is a departure from the previous perspective of serving for the benefit of the entire school district.

Please do not reward the petulance and continued besmirching of the school by this opposition group. Respect the district residents who value the efforts of and their previous votes for the current board members. Allow the current board members to serve out their duly elected terms by voting for Sue Todey and Bill Behme.


Mark Herrell

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.

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