Letter to the Editor: Peninsula Preschool is Rare, Wonderful Gift

As some of you know, I have, with tears of gratitude, retired from my teaching job at Peninsula Preschool. I have been at the preschool for several decades and I can honestly say I have loved every minute of my time teaching there! I believe Peninsula Preschool is a rare and wonderful gift to our community and I know it will continue that role for many more years to come.

This school is a place where every child is honored for exactly who they are and they are loved unconditionally. It is a place where children can embrace their abilities and learn to love and respect themselves and each other.

I am so very appreciative for all the support that the preschool has gotten from this amazing community. Now, I ask you to join me in continuing to support the school. The new teachers will carry on the spirit of the school in providing a space of trust, warmth and calm where confidence blossoms and knowledge soars!

Thank you all for helping to keep the school’s magic alive. Each of you is truly appreciated.

Most sincerely, and with love,


Leslie Leline

Baileys Harbor, Wis.

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