Letter to the Editor: The People Have Spoken…or Have They?

Last Tuesday, eligible citizens in the Southern Door County School District had the opportunity to vote whether to continue the proud tradition of providing their children with an outstanding public education; 50.56 percent of the citizens voted NO and 49.44 percent voted YES. The people have spoken.

Or have they? The referendum to maintain district educational services failed by a mere 24 votes (1,091 NO and 1,067 YES, unofficial count). What is most disturbing is that only about 40 percent of the eligible voters cast a ballot. A majority of the owners of the school district did not vote. What do the other 60 percent want to have happen to their public schools? Is this vote truly representative of the community’s desires?

Only 38.5 percent [25 school referendums] of the non-recurring override referenda in the state failed. I have never considered Southern Door anything but a winner, but Southern Door is now among the group of school districts that will be looking to reduce staff, increase class sizes, or defer maintenance projects on school buildings in an attempt to close the almost $1 million dollar gap in needed revenue.

Please learn more about what now needs to take place as a result of this vote. If you haven’t stood up and made your voice heard, do so now.

With pride in Southern Door County Schools!

Jesse Harness

Luxemburg, Wis.

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