Letter to the Editor: Perfect Summer Evening

A recent Wednesday evening in August we decided to take advantage of the music venue offered by the Sister Bay Advancement Association (SBAA), the Bittorf Brothers playing American and polka music. How interesting it was comprised of two Bittorf Brothers including one of the brothers’ sons who resided in Sister Bay. We thoroughly enjoyed the music, as did some of our friends and the myriad of tourists visiting our village. Dave Franke advised that his Dad used to play harmonica and guitar with this group years ago. Gerhard and Grace Bernhard did the polka on the grass; the music was so inviting.

It was a perfect summer evening. The water on the bay was flat, though sailboats were still plying the waters. Children were jumping in the water and swimming, teens on the raft past 8 o’clock.

Adding to the ambiance were the refreshments offered by the SBAA. We particularly enjoyed a glass of wine.

As dusk fell, the tour boats began returning to the harbor, the Edith M. Becker, the Passage North and the Norra Dörr. The lights of the latter reflecting on the calm water after it sounded its arrival, which caused me to watch their return.

In addition, the aroma wafted through our nostrils most likely from the food offered at Bier Zot and Wild Tomato.

We owe a debt of gratitude to the SBAA for arranging these concerts and the businesses who provide the funds to bring them here. This concert was provided by Little Sister Resort, and Tapuat Kombucha Brewing, Al Johnson’s, Wild Tomato and Piggly Wiggly Grocery.

Where else is it possible to have this perfection of the senses – sight, sound and aroma?


Darlene Kolp

Sister Bay, Wis.

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