Letter to the Editor: Private Rallies Are Death of Republican Party


It may be too early to predict the death of the Republican Party, but it is not too early to understand the role of the private rally in its current difficulties.

I have no idea how many politicians hold private rallies, perhaps many.

But I doubt that many successful politicians have taken the private rally to the level Trump has.

Trump’s rallies are by invitation only. Potential attendees once at the door must announce their support for Trump to gain admission. Those in attendance voicing opposition are escorted out to Trump’s chant “Get ‘em outta here, get ‘em outta here.”

Both major political parties have wings, the Republican party is no exception. Those within the party, but of a different wing than the politician speaking may want to have their voices heard, and may want their wing of the party reflected in the politician’s positions.

Trump has taken the opposite position. He has fierce support from a substantial portion of the Republican, not from every element of the party. It has been announced that about one-fourth of national level elected Republican politicians have announced their opposition to Trump. One-fourth of the Republican Party could be close to 100 percent of some wing of the Republican Party, for example the old-line free traders. Trump relishes that and uses the private rally to revel in this division.

Something needs to be a done to restrict the use of the private rally by announced politicians. No politician running for any office should be allowed to close the door to other voices at his/her rallies, certainly not to those who may be of his/her same party but of a different wing or persuasion.

Eliminating the Private Rally is a life or death matter for the Republican Party, perhaps even for our country.


Jim Riead

Egg Harbor, Wis.

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