Letter to the Editor: My Question Is Why?

How is it that a lobbying group of almost five million members, the NRA, can hold our nation of 325 million people hostage? Is it because we have a majority of spineless, self-serving elected officials throughout our government? Survey after survey tells us that the majority (84-90 percent) of the country wants reasonable and comprehensive gun legislation. Arming teachers is not reasonable. We are not trying to get rid of all guns, just military-grade weapons and ammunition. These guns were designed to kill people, not hunting. Until our elected officials are more afraid of the voters, they will continue to take the generous dollars of the NRA:  Paul Ryan – $346,000; Ron Johnson – $165,498 (2016); and Pres. Trump – $30 million (2016).

I cannot understand how so many in congress can continue to put their careers ahead of our children’s safety! Please remember their inaction when you vote. If they say no, we say no!


Colleen Malmen

Baileys Harbor, Wis.

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