Letter to the Editor: Recall Petition is Misleading

The Sevastopol School Board recall petition is misleading on two main points. First is the purpose of a recall. The recall petition is clearly a response to the non-extension of an administrative contract. Unfortunately, the recall petition is being used as an expensive tool to punish school board members for making this difficult decision.

An election recall process is not to be used by residents who are simply upset about a school board decision; its purpose is for clearly defined breaches of “official responsibilities of the officeholder.” The reasons listed on the petition are vaguely defined offenses that do not rise to the merit of a recall even if they were accurate.

Legislative process and legal counsel guide the process of handling administrative contracts. It is a highly prescribed process. Lawyers for either party would quickly act to correct any action outside of the legislative or legally appropriate process. These board members have not acted in a manner violating the official responsibilities of the office.

Secondly, the recall is misleading about the ethical standing of two long-standing board members, Sue Todey and Bill Behme. The use of the recall petition does not reflect their history of, or current, quality service for the school district; it serves as a vindictive tool for a difficult decision.

These board members have a long history of valuable service resulting with facility improvements, curriculum development, technology infrastructure upgrades, legislative advocacy, financial accountability, nutritional programs, and support of student extra-curricular activities. As the banners have been raised for school district recognition, let it be known that the school board, especially these two board members, have been developing the infrastructure to accomplish these accolades for many years.

If you want a change in the school board membership, vote at the regular election, not at a supplemental self-serving recall election. Please do not support this recall by signing a petition, or if already signed, ask for your name to be removed from the petition. If a recall election does occur, please vote for the duly elected officials.


Mark Herrell, past Sevastopol School Board member

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.

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