Letter to the Editor: Regarding the ‘Pendulum’

I am writing in regard to a letter from last Friday’s Pulse (Sept. 8, 2017). I have not figured out whether this is what the writer believes or is merely tongue in cheek.  But I offer some thoughts.

We have seen lately – in the news – people wearing white robes and little “pointy” hats; we have seen those in uniforms reminiscent of Germany in the 1930s; we have seen them carrying firearms to “peaceful” demonstrations. They are brandishing clubs and shields. We have seen Nazi salutes; swastika flags; confederate battle flags; have heard some vile slurs directed at minorities and women. Their rhetoric speaks a desire for an “all white” nation.

What would you call those that carry on in this manner? “White Supremacist” is by far the kindest term I can come up with. Their kind has been responsible for the racist behavior we have experienced for the last 200 years and it is high time to stop this. Their message is hate and finding polite words to describe it is unacceptable. They are white supremacists and they are not representative of the sentiment of this country.


Brian Gutheinz

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.

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