Letter to the Editor: Regarding the Spray of Liquid Manure in Kewaunee County


The citizens of Kewaunee County have been experiencing the fears and controversy of the proposed use of airborne manure spray irrigation dispersal systems for animal waste for the past few years.

Recently, the interest was rekindled when citizens heard that Pagels Ponderosa Dairy CAFO was permitted to use such a system by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

With that in mind, it is timely for the population of Kewaunee County to know which four of our 10 townships in Kewaunee County have passed a ban on such a means of liquid manure disposal with the interests of protecting their citizens’ health, welfare and safety on a precautionary basis and humanitarian principles.

  • The Town of Lincoln led by Chairman Cory Cochart. 920.255.2699.
  • The Town of West Kewaunee led by Chairman Tom Kruse. 920.388.4984.
  • The Town of Ahnapee led by Chairman Gerald Paape. 920.487.2292.
  • The Town of Montpelier led by Chairman Scott Jahnke. 920.845.5306.

The remaining six townships have yet to enact a similar ban for the protection of their citizens. These six townships are:

  • The Town of Carlton led by Chairman David Hardtke. 920.388.2994.
  • The Town of Casco led by Chairman Joseph Lukes. 920.837.7293.
  • The Town of Franklin led by Chairman Richard J. Wochos. 920.388.2585.
  • The Town of Luxemburg led by Chairman David Barrett. 920.845.2872.
  • The Town of Pierce led by Chairman Brian Paplham. 920.255.1468.
  • The Town of Red River led by Chairman Mike Sampo. 920.866.9602.

If you live in any of the townships without such a precautionary ban to protect your health, welfare and safety, please call your town chair and ask them to protect your health, welfare and safety by passing a manure irrigation ban as soon as possible.

If you live in the Towns of Lincoln, West Kewaunee, Ahnapee and Montpelier, consider calling your town chair and thank them for their proactive positive leadership that shows the way for a better tomorrow for all of Kewaunee Counties citizens.

The phone numbers shown are the compliments of the 2015-2016 Kewaunee County Official Directory that is available from the county clerk’s office for use by all citizens.

To our good health, welfare and safety.


Dr. Wm. Iwen

Pierce, Wis.


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