Letter to the Editor: Remembering Bob Schmidt

This time of year finds snowmobilers getting their sleds ready for riding. I cannot help but remembering Bob Schmidt as I do this. For years Bob was the leader and organizer of the MS Ride, a cross-country snowmobile ride to raise money for the MS Society. I was fortunate enough to be invited on many of these rides. I just found in my files a magazine article written about the 1996 MS Ride around Lake Superior, which brought back many memories. That particular, over 2,000-mile, ride not only turned into an adventure, it also turned into a tale of survival and determination led by Bob Schmidt.

What many people do not know or perhaps remember under Bob’s leadership with the help of his family, friends and a small group of riders he raised over one million dollars for the MS Society over the course of several years of rides. One million dollars! For one man with a vision to accomplish this is unbelievable. Most donations were from area businesses and residents, $10, $25, $50 or $100 were large donations. Bob did a few larger donations from companies but the bulk of donations were smaller but all added up.

Bob would say a lot of things and we would chuckle or question it but all along he always said we would raise $1,000,000 and he made that happen. He was an amazing man, one heck of a rider and a great leader who will always be missed.


Jim Robinson

Gills Rock, Wis.

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