Letter to the Editor: Reps, Attend Your Own Town Hall Meetings

Yesterday (July 12) I attended a Town Hall in Egg Harbor presided over by one of Senator Ron Johnson’s staff. Camille Solberg was engaging, forthright and responsive. She listened and took notes as we shared our concerns. The unfortunate part of this event was that there was absolutely no advance notice. Not even the Egg Harbor Village staff knew there was to be a Town Hall and we only had about 40 minutes with Camille before we had to move on so a scheduled meeting could take place. In addition, there was no advance notice in either the Pulse or the Advocate. As far as we can tell, the only announcement was on Sen. Johnson’s webpage. Fortunately, someone saw that and spread the word.

I am really appalled at the current leadership’s unwillingness to meet with its constituency. This is the second Town Hall that I have attended where the Republican representative did not attend. In both cases, attendees simply wanted to share their stories and their concerns. Most of us attending are over 65 and clearly no threat to anyone. I urge both Congressman Gallagher and Senator Johnson to schedule meetings where we are given good advance notice and where they actually attend. They are supposed to represent us. They need to listen to our concerns.


Rev. Gwynne Schultz

Sister Bay, Wis.

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