Letter to the Editor: Respect Boundaries

Dear trespasser,

I saw you eating lunch, taking a break from your bike ride, in a place you shouldn’t be. You are right, the view is beautiful from this private country lane.

I heard your car come down the winding driveway, inching further and further past the trees and my sleeping dog, until you could see the occupied house for sale. Just a quick look.

I stumbled across your pile of yard debris, tossed just over the property line. I wouldn’t want that compost in my yard either, good thing it’s out of your sight.

I watched you and your dog venture down the hand-groomed path on my trail cam, it was a lovely day for a walk in the old orchard wasn’t it?

We have to confront you and it is awkward. We shouldn’t have to give reasons but find ourselves fumbling for why it’s not ok for you to be on, pass through, or dump on our land. The burden of justification seems to fall on us, yet we did nothing wrong. It’s not a healthy interaction and no one walks away feeling good. We don’t want to put up signs or fences as we try to approach this from a level of trust and community instead of the fear we might secretly harbor from our property laws.

So my wayward friend, please help play your part in this charade and respect those boundaries, and please still respect us if we have to correct your course. And perhaps next time, try knocking on the door so we can take a walk together.


Bonnie Ansley

Fish Creek, Wis.


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