Letter to the Editor: Right and Irrational?

International Climate Science Coalition Executive Director Tom Harris [in his letter to the editor] says Dan Dieterich is right. The next sentence starts out with that all-important “but.” Harris then says that Dieterich is irrational. Can one be both right and irrational? I guess only, like this anti-alternative energy “coalition” believes, if one can claim to be both scientific and doubtful of the science in the same mission statement on their website.

Their publishing of letters to the editor of that moonie Washington Times is revealing. One can’t fully research those who fund this site because it is closed to public scrutiny. Perhaps some interested journalist can spend the time, but I have more important things to do. I am skeptical of their motives but am trying to adapt and sustain what the climate change deniers are saying we should do. After the corporations have created the problem we are supposed to pretend it doesn’t exist. Very scientific.

A situation that is telling is human population is out of control. Bring this situation up to any one of the “sustainers” and you can forget about any continuing conversation. One’s religious faith will suffice.

Unlimited growth is the sustainability mantra. It is the corporate jargon of the end times. Any attempt to burn less fossil fuel will create economic destruction. The stock market rises and falls with the price of oil. It is not the prophets that are important, it is the profits.

Check out the website. It reminds one of the anti-abortion family planning clinic. It is nothing more than corporate propaganda. Ah, but who has the time, right?


J.P. Redell

Sister Bay, Wis.

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